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Episode 1 - Beginnings

Episode 1 – Beginnings



Episode 1

Well, we had to start somewhere! We had so many ideas that we wanted to cover and did, indeed, record first but our cohort, Matt, did ask “Doesn’t it make sense to start with the beginnings?”. And he was completely right. So we started with an episode that speaks about where we started and what our path was.

Of course, we did wonder, at first, why on earth it would be at all interesting, but Matt convinced us. And it does make sense, I suppose, to start at the beginning! It’s a good way to introduce ourselves and set up the style of the podcast in general. As you’ll see, it’s a conversation and VERY casual.


So let’s start at the beginnings – and go on from there!

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  1. Wonderful, how cool that such successful people are willing to share their experiences in this way.

    So so nice, especially in an industry that is so ethereal, Kafka-esque and seemingly set up for newcomers to come a cropper !

    Heartening to listen to such respected practitioners openly demonstrate that yep, they had their fair share of s++t and serendipity too and to keep cracking on, even though things at times can be tough and it’s a not an easy gig.

    Which it isn’t, but understanding that that’s not a unique experience means a lot.

    Thankyou for doing this ! It means a lot.

    Simon Sharp

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