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Hail Caesar theater lobby

“Hail Caesar” – Universal Studios



This was a period film set in the Hollywood of the early 50’s so much of the time any modern lighting units needed to be hidden and the sets appear as if lit by the period units that are visible within the frame.



The Grauman in Downtown LA was the location was used for both the Lobby and the Theater, which is showing the premiere of Hobie’s new western, “Crazy ol’ Moon”.

The on screen footage was shot on a set. The theater screen was left white and replaced with the playback footage. There was no need to use a blue screen, as it was easy to key from white in this case. Using a white screen also allowed me to light the audience in a more realistic way.

I lit the Lobby and the theatre interior with warm sources, both practical lights and additional units, as I wanted to make a contrast with what was on the screen.

Hail Caesar Gr Theater lighting plan

“Hail Caesar” – Universal Studios

Hail Caesar - Gr Theater Lobby - Lighting Plan

“Hail Caesar” – Universal Studios

Hail Caesar theater lobby

“Hail Caesar” – Universal Studios



The ‘western’ that we see on screen was designed, lit and shot as an interpretation of a film from the 1950’s. The backings were quite theatrical and I intended the lighting, all Fresnel lamps with no diffusion, to compliment this theatricality. The bulk of these lamps were gelled with ½ Blue in contrast to the one practical source that hangs in the barn, which is warmed by dimming and complimented with two warmed up 1K Fresnel lamps.

Hail Caesar Bunkhouse Lighting Plan

“Hail Caesar” – Universal Studios

"Hail Caesar" - Universal Studios

“Hail Caesar” – Universal Studios


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