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K in Bibi's Bar

“Bibi’s Bar”


BLADERUNNER 2049 – Bibi’s Bar
Looking at Lighting

Originally this set was going to be built in to an existing structure that had been part of a Power Plant. When shooting on location proved to be more complex and expensive than actually building a set on stage that is what our Art Department did.

The design of this set was based in part on the idea of a railway station roof that was housing an array of automatic food vending machines such as are becoming commonplace in the Far East. The lighting was all designed as the set was being developed by the Art Department and it was driven by the need to shoot the set pretty much without additional floor lighting. Two rows of LED Color Force lighting units were used to create effect of a passing train. It was intended that the lights would be painted out and some sort of futuristic ‘train’ would replace them but that proved unnecessary when we saw the final images.

Bibi's Bar Lighting Plan

Bibi’s Bar Lighting Plan


Otherwise there are large washes of colored light at each end if the roof structure to add color to the thick fog and heavy rain that our effects team created on the stage. The fluorescent tubes are regular ‘off the shelf’ items chosen for their slightly cool look.

Marietta in Bibi's Bar

Marietta in Bibi’s Bar


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