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Wide silhouette of K

Bladerunner 2049 – Alcon Entertainment


BLADERUNNER 2049 – Ext K’s Apt
Looking at Lighting

We shot these exteriors on location close to the center of Budapest. Our biggest issue was the amount of atmosphere and snowfall we wanted for the scenes. For this our effects team needed a number of large cranes to be place close to the edge of each shot and an array of air movers.

The opening shot, of K walking behind the snow blower (shown at the top of this page), was shot very late into the night as we were facing towards the busy part of the city. All the practical lights you see in and on the buildings were added by us and we worked up a plan of the specific colors we would use. The lighting otherwise was just the Maxi Brutes at the end of the street punching through the two 20’ x 20’ grid cloths. These were obviously erased in post and the lights and buildings of our fictional city added in replacement.


Color plan for ext of K's apt

Color plan for ext of K’s apt


On the top of the apartment building to the left of frame, which was K’s apartment building, we mounted a 20’ crane arm with a Bad Boy spotlight on board. The lamp was programmed to pan across the wall beneath and then across the street as the arm was panned in sync with K’s position on the street.


Lighting plan for ext of K's apt

Lighting plan for ext of K’s apt


For the front of K’s apartment we rigged the balcony of a nearby building with a line of 12 x 2K Fresnel lamps. These were gelled to be quite cool and we put them on a chase so that the light raked down the building rather than remaining static. A second Bad Boy created a lighting effect across K as he approaches his building.


Front of K's Apt

Front of K’s Apt


As shown in the plan the additional street lamps attached to the building were not used as they proved hard to position and visually too ‘fussy’.


K leaving the spinner

K leaving the spinner


The shot of K exiting his spinner was shot in a nearby parking lot at the end of our schedule. All the lights you see in shot were erected by our rigging crew and, apart from what you see, there are no other light sources. Our location department made sure that all the other lights in the neighborhood were switched off.



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