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"The Assassination of Jesse James" - Warner Brothers

“The Assassination of Jesse James” – Warner Brothers

Roger Deakins was born in Torquay, Devon, England. He attended art college and the National Film School. He started in documentaries, shooting many in Africa as well as covering the Whitbread Round the World Yacht race that required him to work for more than 9 months as a crew member while filming a documentary.

Roger then went on to feature cinematography, starting in England and then later shooting in the United States. His primary hobbies are taking still photographs and fishing. Before he entered the National Film School, he spent a year in North Devon, England, using his still camera to document the way of life on the farms and in the villages. This cemented his passion for still photography that continues to this day.

On the rare days that he is not in his boat, fishing, while in Devon, he enjoys traveling to various places to augment his growing series of images. Roger started this website to provide a forum dedicated to an ongoing discussion of cinematography and filmmaking as well as sharing some of his experience with any who might be interested.