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The two names drawn were:

Viggo Soderberg

Gregg Thorne


Viggo and Gregg, please contact us if you have not received an email from us.


We are holding a drawing for the chance to win a signed copy of Roger’s book, Byways. We will give away two books in total.

Sign ups start on Monday, August 1st and close on Wednesday, September 1st. We will announce the winners on September 7th. You will be contacted for a mailing address. If we do not receive a response in 5 days, we will go to the next name on the list. We will also list the winners on this page.

YOU MAY ONLY ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY ONCE! You will invalidate your entry if you enter more than once. We want everyone to have a fair chance. If you have trouble signing up and aren’t sure it took, please email us byways at so we can make sure you’re on the list!

Use the form below to enter the giveaway.