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Team Deakins Podcast
New episodes on Wednesday and Sunday

The Team Deakins podcast is an ongoing conversation exploring the world of image making, filmmaking and the many unique roles within it.

All aspects of filmmaking are discussed in our conversations with directors, actors, producers, camera, costume designers, script supervisors, ADs, studio execs, VFX, casting director, Prosthetic makeup, makeup, writers, still photographers, post production, animation, grips, gaffers, location managers, stunts, Russian directors and cinematographers, film school directors and even experts in film restoration! The Team Deakins podcast delivers a wealth of information useful for other professionals as well as people starting out in the industry. Well seasoned figures in the industry have said they love the conversations and, because the podcast is so far reaching, they learn something from each episode, often adding the the episodes should be mandatory for everyone in the moviemaking field.

The podcast is a natural extension of this website which offers a forum for discussion on all things filmmaking and it celebrates the love of movie making that drew us to the craft in the first place.

You can find out what episode is coming up next in the forum or on Instagram @team.deakins.

The Team Deakins podcast can be found on most podcast hosts.