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Looking at Lighting - Conference Room

“Hail Caesar” – Universal Studios


HAIL CAESAR – Conference Room
Looking at Lighting

In this scene, Eddie Mannix tries to get representatives from various religions to sign off on his upcoming movie script.

This scene was shot on location and, although a seemingly simple scene, this caused quite a few challenges. Not the least of these was controlling the natural light during daylight hours and into the evening. The location windows were facing South West, which made control of the sun even more critical. To do this I decided to light with large Ultrabounce reflectors. Using these, it is possible to cut out any natural light whilst re-creating the softness of north facing daylight.

I also wanted to build in some colour contrast and pretend there was a warm overhead source. This was in fact a soft box of 4 bouncing Nook lights, all of which were dimmed down to produce the warmth in the scene. The whole rig was suspended from existing ceiling light fittings and, consequently, needed to be as lightweight as it could possible be without compromising its soft quality.

Conference Room lighting plan


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