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Doris at Bingo - Tight

Tighter shot of Doris at Bingo



The Man Who Wasn’t There – Bingo
Looking at Lighting

This “Looking at Lighting Page” examines a set from “The Man Who Wasn’t There” which opened in theaters in 2001.

Excuse my very crude drawing for the Bingo Hall. We shot this film mainly on location and I had no need for elaborate drawings.


Lighting Diagram for the Bingo Hall

Lighting Diagram for the Bingo Hall


Here I used space lights as a simple way to create an overhead soft light. I cut the light by hanging solids to the sides. The Preacher and crucifix were lit using two direct 1K Fresnel lamps. A very simple set up and one that was easy to rig.


Doris concentrates on Bingo

“The Man Who Wasn’t There” USA Films



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