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Over K onto Joi

Bladerunner 2049 – Alcon Entertainment


BLADERUNNER 2049 – Int K’s Apt
Looking at Lighting

The apartment set was lit for daytime and for nighttime. The practical lights inside the room were designed and purpose made for the set. They each housed two 2’ LED tubes, which could be color corrected from tungsten to daylight. They were also on a dimmer system and were controlled to look as if they were on motion sensors.

Joi in K's Apt

Joi in K’s Apt


The exterior view outside the window was built in miniature so as to look further away than the 30’ it actually was. The face of the building was lit from below at night whilst softly raked from above during the daytime scenes. The windows of the building opposite were lit using a variety of fluorescent sources and dimmed tungsten bulbs. The figures you see inside these windows are CG elements added in post.

View to the outside buildings

View to the outside buildings


For one specific scene we used a direct T12 to create a shaft of sunlight raking through the window of K’s apartment. On the diagram below this is referred to as a Molebeam but we changed to a T12 as it proved to be a sharper light in this setting.

Day lighting plan

Day lighting plan


A Bad Boy, which is a theatrical spotlight that can be a variety of colors, was mounted on a remote head rigged to a 50’ Technocrane arm. The lamp head is programmable and so allowed for a moving light effect that could remain focused on the window, rather than sliding off to one side, as the crane arm was panned across the set. This Bad Boy was used alternately as a Red and a Cool White light source.

K's Apt - Night - section lighting plan

K’s Apt – Night – section lighting plan


The Stairs up to K’s Apartment were shot on location but the Hallway outside is, as can be seen on the plan, directly connected to the interior set. Both were lit using matching florescent fixtures, which were also designed and built for the purpose. Inside these fixtures we used regular 4000K fluorescent tubes with some added green gel.

K's Apt Night lighting plan

K’s Apt Night lighting plan



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