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Calvary - Eddie alone at night

“Hail Caesar” – Universal Pictures


Looking at Lighting

HAIL CAESAR is a film about old Hollywood and this scene takes place on an exterior set built on a stage. Because, in the movie, we are on the set with Baird Whitlock for his long-delayed scene, we see not only the set being filmed for the fictional film but also the stage and the crew.

We first see the silhouette of this set when Eddie walks through the empty set at night (as seen in the top photo on this page), trying to decide whether to take the job he has been offered. The look of this scene was based on a combination of similar scenes from films such as ‘Quo Vadis’ and ‘Ben Hur’. Consequently the theatrical backing is lit in a dramatic way with a combination of blue and pink gels.

Calvary- CU of George


When we next see the shooting set, direct ‘sunlight’ is in actuality a combination of T12s, and fades and lightning flashes across the darkened set, lightning as supplied by ‘lightning strikes’ units. We had intended to use wind machines and blow dust across the crucifixion scene at this moment but this created more of a problem than was necessary.

Calvary Scene Rehearsal


Calvary Lighting Plan