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      Hello everybody!

      I shot this film two weeks ago for Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ) which is the national broadcaster in Ireland (like the BBC in Ireland). This film is for the angelus which is a one minute call to prayer that runs twice a day on the radio and television at 12pm and 6pm every day.

      I just want to know what anyone on this forum thinks of it and areas I can improve. In particular how I can improve my composition and lighting using natural light.

      This film is being televised next week.

      Vimeo Link:

      Thank you.

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      simon m

        Bardan, I thought it was a lovely little film. You mention composition and lighting – I thought the compositions worked well. I think composition is another tool to tell the story you want to tell, so did those compositions tell the story how you wanted it to be felt by the audience? Only you would know that I think.
        I thought the lighting did look natural. I’m wondering what you thought needed improvement? I also liked your sound design – waves, footfalls on the rocks etc. Very good in my opinion. Well done. I look forward to your next one.


          I wouldn’t know what to improve in lighting, you seemed to use the sun at different times of day very well. It’s very natural, which I think is mandatory for this topic. Overall I personally pay more attention to mood, and this one has a fantastic mood. Also great pace and timing, deep colors and a natural sound mix. Great job!


            Thanks for the kind words and encouragement guys. Much appreciated. 🙂

            Johannes Rauscher

              Well done! Only one thing that irritated me: The drone shot at 1:02 didn’t quite match the rest of the film in terms of colour. It was too contrasty and the sea was very saturated. Looks a bit like a cheap LUT 😉 Keep up the good work! I really liked the colours and the realism of the other shots.


                I like the timing/tempo and mood

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