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Over Luv onto Joshi

Bladerunner 2049 – Alcon Entertainment


Looking at Lighting

This set contained two quite different lighting rigs, as there was the interior soft ceiling light and the exterior view of the city.

Soft Over head light plan

Soft over head light


The soft ceiling light was lit using Red Heads and two layers of diffusion. Although it might have been more flexible to use Skypanels or some other controllable LED system I opted for a simple and cheap solution. I had in mind that the look in this office needed to match that of the Police Station Hallway and that was a much larger rig. To do that with LED sources would have been quite expensive. Even on a large budget production as ‘BR 2049’ was you need to be aware that on some occasions you will be asking for more than might be in the budget, so it is best to go cheap when you feel you can as long as it doesn’t compromise your look.

Array of Red Heads plan

Array of Red Heads


The exterior needed to be lit for a day scene as well as a night scene. The array of Red Heads, as it appears in the diagram, was set to create a soft wash of light using 75 individual sources. This choice was for two reasons. Firstly, any bounce light would have read as a hot source given that the stage was being saturated by a mister system. And secondly, a bounce rig would have taken up too much space on a stage that was of limited height.

Joshi's office - night plan

Joshi’s office – night


For the night view of the city we arranged lights shining up behind the buildings to silhouette what were only flat cutouts. Various LED units were added to the front of these and taped to the backing to give the whole more depth. Two Bad Boy spotlights were rigged in the perms to give some added movement outside the office window, a few pulsing red lights were attached to the op of a building or two and then there were some moving lights added in post. All that and a lot of rain!

Looking through rainy glass to Joshi

Looking through rainy glass to Joshi



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