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"Skyfall" - MGM

“Skyfall” – MGM


Below you will find different links to interviews with Roger. If you have a link you would like to include on this page, please send it to the webmaster. If you find a link is not working, I’d appreciate it if you let me know



(Written article links at bottom of page)

We discuss “1917” with Arri

NYCC – 1917 Interview

Rotten Tomatoes

Roger with Matt Heineman of Cartel Land discuss their drug war films


Roger on Charlie Rose (I can’t embed this video so click on this text.)


The Cinematography of True Grit

THR Round Table – Working with Angie, First Day Jitters

Roger Deakins – Cinematography Tribute

Roger’s favorite shot from Shawshank Redemption

Roger on shooting The Man Who Wasn’t There

Roger at premiere of SKYFALL


Q&A with Roger and Dick Pope at the BSC:

‘Sicario’ cast talk about working with Roger:

Variety interview:

Q&A about ‘Sicario’ (ArcLighlt Cinemas 9-17-2015):

Interview at Cannes 2015:

Interview by Collider:

NPR breaks down a scene in “No Country for Old Men” with Roger

Shadows in the Valley – a compilation of shots by Roger


Written interviews:

Various Articles on Roger on Cinephilia & Beyond

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on Roger

ASC Mag – Hail Caesar

ICG Mag – Hail Caesar

THR “How Roger Deakins Mastered Shooting in the Dark for Sicario”

Sicario (includes a video)

The Man who Wasn’t There (includes a video)

Looking at specific scenes

Sicario – continuation of American Cinematographer Mag article

Variety (Roger & Denis)

Light and dark in ‘Sicario’

RD’s Handwritten list of top 10 films

Cannes Cinematography Award

Denis Villeneuve on working with Roger


Sicario – Creating tension & realism (this interveiw mentions the forum)



Sicario and visual preferencies

Coens and ‘Prisoners’



Jesse James

Top 15 films