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Eddie behind desk

“HAIL CAESAR” – Universal Pictures


Looking at Lighting

We see Eddie in his office at various times during his working day so I wanted to subtly show a change in light from low morning sunlight through to midday and afternoon.

Given the space of the set and my desire for a hard pattern of sunlight my gaffer, Chris Napolitano, and I decided to rig a combination of T12 and 20K Lamps to cover each window. We rigged a series of these lamps on pipes with chain hoists so as to make easy adjustments to where this pattern of light fell and to imitate a variety of angles to the windows.

The landscape outside the windows was lit by a combination of Space lights and Low 20K ‘sunlight’.


Overall lighting plan for Eddie's office

Overall plan for Eddie’s office



Lighting plan #1

Lighting Plan for Scenes 8, 23, 33



Mort in Eddie's office

Earlier scene in movie


Hobie in Eddie's office

Hobie in Eddie’s office



Lighting plan #3

Lighting plan for scenes coming later in the movie


Baird in Eddie's office

Baird in Eddie’s office


Baird in Eddie's office

Baird in Eddie’s office


Eddie's office at night

Eddie’s office at night



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