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Beverly Wood - From Film to Digital

Beverly Wood – From Film to Digital


Episode 6

We had the pleasure of talking with Bev Wood, former Executive VP at Deluxe and Managing Director of eFilm. We’ve known her a long time and she’s been with us on the journey from film to digital. Bev has been a well known figure in Hollywood and we knew she would be fun to ruminate with on the move from film to digital.

We covered a lot of ground in this episode. We dug deep into the process of the lab and the early days of digital technology. We covered from dailies to release!

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  1. Thank you so very much for this, short though heartwarming, journey through memory lane. I, too miss Bev’s infectious voice, energy and the smell of labs. It’s this kind of energy and commradery that I miss in the creation of Motion Pictures.This Podcast is fanominal. Please, keep it up.

    • One thing that is super interesting is the way KinoFlo is trying to tune their lights to different camera color sciences. I got to go to Kino’s facility and see this live, but they also have it on YouTube here:

      They have a lot of basics that might help you get started and figure out what to look up next but the internet has so many resources (some obviously better than others).

  2. Bev was a magician! When she left Hollywood, the town wasn’t the same. Glad to consider her a friend and had her helping us while at Deluxe and EFilm. Best to you Bev! Thanks Team Deakins!

  3. Just listened to this episode and wow! There are people who are great at what they do and are fun to listen to, but Bev is is on another level — an absolute LEGEND! *insert The Sandlot, Babe Ruth quote here*

  4. Thanks for the great Discussion Episode, Matt well said, some are things were going up from the head, but here we also got a lot of topics to learn.
    Love From India

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