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      Hi Roger,

      I was wondering how you achieved these two seperate colours. Was there a particular gel you used for each? They are both very warm but have very different feels.

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      M Ryan

        Check out the members only section here, lots of breakdowns from BR2049 🙂

        Roger Deakins

          The scene in Wallace’s Office was lit in a quite different way to those shot for the far more red ‘Las Vegas’ sequences. For the former I was using direct sources both for the reflections off the water, which were achieved using 10K Fresnels, and the circular ‘chase’ of 300 watt Fresnel lamps that was lighting the characters. For this scene I wanted something a little more ‘golden’ and clean. For the Vegas sequences I was using a filter on the lens. This filter was specifically made by Tiffen for the shoot, a deep amber that was not available ‘off the shelf’.

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