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      Hey Roger!

      I was wondering what you think about using haze & lens filters. Because I know you like to shoot as clean as possible regarding to lens choice.

      Do you like to use filters on your lenses? And what about haze?

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        Hopefully, I’m not putting words in his mouth by saying this. I recall a podcast where he explained that he shot an entire film with filtration and regretted it.

        Also, in the “old” forum, there was a great discussion where David ( @dmullenasc ) and Roger talked about filters. I think it’s safe to say Roger is willing to use filters but highly selective about it.

        In the “Looking at lighting” section of the site (Members > Looking At Lighting), Roger breaks down scenes from ‘BR 2049’. He mentions filters, what he selected, why, etc.

        Roger Deakins

          The filters I used on ‘BR 2049’ were purely to adjust color and not effecting the image in any other way and I do sometimes use an ND grad. The last time I used a filter such as a Pro Mist or a similar kind of diffusion was for a film in 1985 and, yes, I did regret doing so.


            Dear Roger,

            What circumstances would require you to adjust colours by using a filter?

            What filters do you use to adjust colour?

            Much appreciated

            Kind regards


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