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Working Together

Working Together



Episode 2

Continuing with the concept of starting at the beginning, we talk, in this episode, about how we work together. We have a very specific way of working which sometimes we forget isn’t the same way other people work!

One thing you’ll find out from this episode (spoiler alert!) is that we are a very boring couple. When we are on a movie, all we think and talk about is that movie. We try to stop this on our off times – but we’re not very successful. Yes, we are boring!

Hopefully this episode is not???

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  1. Fascinating to hear about the dead photosites you found on the Alexa in individual color channels, as the same thing happened to me. VFX kicked back some greenscreen shots because they found the same problem.
    I loaded the footage into Resolve and applied a channel separation, and there it was, totally obvious. Not sure ARRI has every really addressed this issue.
    But, like you say, it’s not possible to see under normal circumstances.

  2. hi master roger,
    is so great to hear you talking about collaboration.
    I am confused by some technical terms. around 15:30, James mentioned that you came across some issues like slider rolls or cutting machine ? is that like something stuck on the camera’s perf?
    I just started shooting films and became a big fan of ARRI LT (our school has them) and want to know more about shooting films, so can u kindly explain these things a little bit in details?

  3. Hi Team Deakins,

    Thank you for doing these podcasts, it is very interesting to hear about your processes and your work dynamics. I find your working relationship with each other very endearing and inspiring.

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