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      I understand, I was inspired by a lot of David Fincher’s films and his new film, The Killer embracing a more modern clean look. I saw Eric Messerschmidt used ISO 320-400 on the V-Raptor for a cleaner look of course you need more lights for this, but I think it’s interesting how some people will shoot 1600 on the Mini LF for more grain in the image and some will shoot 400 for a cleaner shadow look.

      A lot of people want to emulate film and have more noise or add grain in the image, but it’s interesting how Fincher has embraced the modern digital sensors and delved into this modern, sleek, clean look in his films.

      Even with shooting at a lower ISO do you find yourself still overexposing the shadows by a half stop etc. just to have room to bring them down later?

      Appreciate the insight!

    Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)