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      I’ve shot 4 of my short films in 4:3 for a few different reasons.

      – Due to not having the budget for Anamorphic lenses, I find that the 4:3 ratio works in harmony with spherical lenses. Framing, especially close ups, seem to hit a sweet spot for me personally.

      – The first reason to use it always comes down to if it is right for the film, but it can help cut down your budget. I’m not sure if all 4 of the films I’ve made justify the use of 4:3 to others but to me it elevated the story while simultaneously cut down production cost. Granted, we didn’t do a lot of panning.

      I could go on but I’d like to ask another question regarding why 4:3 has had a resurgence in films as of late. I love it (sometimes) but it does seem to be more of an artsy fartsy choice other than for the betterment of the film. (This comment does certainly not pertain to The Lighthouse, the cinematography on that film was other worldly).

      Also this is my first interaction on this forum, happy to be here and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic Roger! Thank you!

    Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)