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    Ganesh Venkatesh

      Sorry for mistakes. I supposed to say “i’m trying very hard to learn English” in the previous reply



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      Ganesh Venkatesh

        Thankyou halfgrain for understanding my question. Even though my English had lot of mistakes. I’m hardly trying to learn it to make a good communication with every filmmaker in this website to learn filmmaking from everyone which will definitely lead me to make good films.

        I never thought it was a mistake that their decision to tell the story through kate’s character.

        It’s one of the best decision they took. It expresses the theme very clearly.

        Denis Villeneuve and Roger deakins are one of the greatest filmmakers who push their boundaries and limits of storytelling in filmmaking for every film they do.

        They are not ordinary movie makers who use same hit formula again and again for every movie they do.

        While creating a new way of storytelling, there are risk factors that will be discussed with crew members. Because filmmaking is a collaborative process.

        Like Denis Villeneuve once said

        “If I wanted to have total control and be a dictator, I would do ice sculpture in my basement. If I want to make a movie, I’m going to work with 500 people, and I will have to work with their strength and their weakness.”


        I started the topic to know what they thought about their risks and what they discussed while taking those risks.

        Thankyou everyone.

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        Ganesh Venkatesh

          colors may have psychological effect.

          but you establish a particular color for particular emotion in the begging of your film.
          the audience feel the same emotion when they see that color even in the end of the film.

          image system of your film depends on the story and your vision.

          the books tells us some great filmmakers told their story in that way with using those techniques and particular colors.

        Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)