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      Hello dear Roger,

      Thank you for keeping this great platform alive and strong.

      I am working on my first short film and I have huge admiration for the work of a cinematographer who happens to live in the same small city as me.

      My question is, what key elements should a young director emphasis when pitching his project to a more experienced and very talented cinematographer to be on board, despite not having a budget?

      Thank you very much!

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        Of course i can’t answer for Roger or David pr all the other experienced DoPs on the forum, but I see It somehow like trying to have a date with the most beatiful girl in town. Jokes apart, I think that even an established professional could be interested to work on an amazing script. Having a great story would be a good starting point.

        Then i guess that, even with low budget (perhaps an indie project could be interesting for him to have a change from routine) , a professional approach could be an important selling point for you. Show you actually know what you are doing, that you know how to solve technical problems due with creativity , since Money are not an option.

        If he’s very busy and very famous he could suggest you to work with some people he trusts, but It could be a kind of test of he could trust you for the future.

        Sorry if i said some nonsenses and let us  know if you managed to have the date…ehr, the collaboration!


          <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thanks a lot for your reply and suggestions, about the subject! A strong script and professional approach definitely seems to be a good starting point.</p>
          It would also be interesting to hear from the experienced Cinematographers of the Forum who have deliberately chosen to work with first time directors and what the decisive factors were for them.

          Thanks to all!

        Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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