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    rama lingam

      Dear master Roger i have seen ‘without Limits’ movie. Shot by Conrad hall. He used more long focal length lenses for this movie. I want to ask you If you had shot that movie, would you have used a long lens? You are not great fan of long lenses. Right? If story demand would you use zoom lenses!

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      Roger Deakins

        I have used long lenses and also a zoom on a few occasions. I am not a fan of keeping a zoom on the camera as a standard lens but I wouldn’t say I am not a fan of long lenses. i don’t see how that follows. It makes sense why Conrad used long lenses for ‘Without Limits’. If a project came along that felt like a ‘long lens’ film and that was the effect the director was after, then I don’t see why I would say no.

        rama lingam

          Yes it makes sense Olympic game related movies like ‘without Limits’ used long lenses. I am just wondering why some conversations scenes shot on long lenses. Particularly Steve and his coach conversation behind the hills. Here is the reference scene. Is it pure observational purpose used long lenses in this case?

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