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      Hi everyone!

      I’m the newest member of the Team Deakins gang, and I wanted to introduce myself! My name is Grant, and I live in Los Angeles.

      I have been working on the podcast for a few months now, and I’ve worked on every episode of season two, including bunches you all haven’t heard yet. There are some absolutely great ones coming! You’re going to dig ’em.

      I’m so excited to get to know this community more and more through these forums. I’ve never been much of a forum poster before (some might call me a ludite), so a few of you might need to show me the ropes. But I’m looking forward to being a part of the conversation!

      Feel free to hit me up with any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them, without spilling highly secretive company secrets of course!

      Thanks for listening! (and reading)


      Grant – Team Deakins

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        Hello Grant,

        Lovely to hear from you.

        When do you think these new podcasts will be released, they were quite successsful then they suddenly stopped.  What do you actually do with these podcasts, are the questions pre written, how do you contact the quests and arrange the interviews, that must be time consuming on its own.
        Interesting topic.

        Incidently, what equipment do you use and do you use computer mics or stand alone mics. Also another interesting topic on its own.


          I’ve heard almost every episode and learned so much in each one. There’s a fascination for me to hear from people who are actually great at what they’re doing, so thank you Grant and the Deakins’ for sharing with us. It really feels like a hidden treasure island.


            Hi Mike!

            The podcasts come out every Wednesday. We’ve released about ten episodes of season 2 so far. If you haven’t heard them, check them out! New episodes will keep coming out on Wednesdays, so make sure you’re subscribed! The current one is with actor Micheal Ward.

            I do a little bit of everything on the podcast behind the scenes. I’m the low guy on the totem pole, but I love working on it, and James and Roger are absolutely great. My favorite part of the job is doing light postproduction on the episodes. Trying to make the voices sound as good as possible, or editing out little things, like if someone bumps a mic or sneezes.

            Thanks for listening and check out season 2!



              Stip, I totally agree.

              I think some of the most informative episodes are with the below the line tradesmen and women who really make the sets function. They are all so full of wisdom on how movies really get made. It’s basically free film school!



                Thankyou Grant,

                Sounds like you are having fun assisting the Podcasts.  I have listened to all of the Podcasts from the beginning and found them very informative.

                Not easy questioning guests especially when Roger and James are not allowed in  in the conversation, I refer to the recent Toby Jones interview.😂

                They certainly have patience.  Keep up the good work.

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