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    Max A.

      Hello Mr. Deakins, first of all, I hope you and Mrs. James are well and I hope you are having a nice Sunday.
      I would like to ask you, if it is possible, how do you light this scene and location from ‘Unbroken” and your choice about the hanging practical lights.

      I absolutely love that pool of light at the center of the Frame, did you use a ring light for this scene? I also see that light reaches the wall at the far right wall of the frame, it comes from the same source of the central pool of light.

      As always I want to thank you for your time and availability, but above all, for your art.

      I wish you a peaceful Sunday,

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      Roger Deakins

        I seem to remember that I chose specific practical lights for the scene and mounted inside them some 1K clear bulbs that I had bought for a previous film. That was it. No ring light or any other source. Not that I can remember!

        Max A.

          Thank you very much for your reply Mr. Deakins! The shot (as for the entire movie) is fantastic!
          It seems to me (and maybe it is something that I would do in this case) that the two practicals at the center are the “strongest” ones and make possible the pool of light, the one on the left frame in the background seems to me less bright that the one in the center. Do you remember if you put the 1k clear bulbs in the center practicals? I also love the color quality of the tungsten source, do you remember if, during the DI process, you reduced the red channel?

          And If I can ask another question, for the other shots of the scene (I attach frames below) do you still use only the practical lights (maybe dimming or turning off some to create shadows area), or did you “argument” those practical lights with external sources (maybe the overhead close-up have some “special” lighting)?

          Thank you again for your reply Mr. Deakins and I apologize for my bad English.

          I wish you a peaceful day.

          Max A.

            Max A.

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