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    Max A.

      Hello Mr. Deakins and Mrs. James, It was fantastic to meet you in Italy, as I write in the picture that we made together “It is a dream that comes true!”. I was the first guy in the book signing session on 16th November. I will always bring with me your last words to me just before I go out “happy shooting”.

      Apart from this indelible memory that I will have of that day, I would like to ask you, if it is possible, some questions about this scene of ‘ The Goldfinch’ (I attach frames below)

      As repeatedly said, this movie is one of my favorites in terms of lighting (but all your works are unique) and this scene in particular (Actually all of the moments where Theo goes to this location) often triggers my curiosity about your lighting choice.

      The location, seems to me, really tight so it is difficult to light the subject without ‘washing’ entirely the walls. The light was so soft but also fairly controlled on Theo.
      Looking at the angle of the light seems to me that comes from over the door with an angle that is narrow toward Theo. Is this location had a ceiling? Because if it is so it seems to me even more difficult.
      Wich kind of ‘fixture’ did you use? Maybe silver stipple reflectors to project and control more the beam?
      The Goldfinch 1

      In this other moment in the same location, the light appears more “spread” (also a different color temperature and saturation of light seems to me) and here I would like to ask you not only about the lighting technique you use, but also why you decided to change the overall feeling of the location when Theo goes to see if the painting was there.
      It was “purely” an “aesthetic” choice to have image variety of the same location or your intention was different?

      As usual, I would thank you for your kindness and your patience. We are very privileged to be able to ask you questions and learn from your experience.

      I wish you a peaceful day.

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