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      Dear Sir Roger Deakins,

      I just noticed the look of “The Company Men” on Amazon Prime is quite different from the ones published by Blu-ray. Here is the picture attached, taken from trailer and screenshots provided by them; the Blu-ray ones have “Blu-ray” watermark on it.

      I’m curious about which one was your intended look for the movie; the neutral look of Amazon Prime or the seemingly colder look by Blu-ray?







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        I don’t understand why a movie that went through a D.I. and has a digital master would have the colors changed for any version.


          We’ve seen this before on several of our movies. For instance, one night we decided to watch Shawshank Redemption and could not watch the version on Amazon. I made many phone calls in the following weeks and happily, they remastered the title. Hopefully, that’s what is showing now on Amazon – but we’re too scared to check! 🙂  It’s really hard when you realize your work is being shown without the timing that you did. There are so many different versions of deliverables that are coming out these days and sometimes they don’t go back to the director or DP for reference. It’s heartbreaking.


            Yes, but “Shawshank Redemption” was 1994 so there wasn’t a D.I. done originally. What I’m saying is that if “The Company Men” (2010) went through a D.I., there already exists a color-corrected digital master… so why would anyone retime it again for new video masters?  Even if it was a 2K D.I. master from 2010 and now had to be uprezzed to UHD/4K, there’s no reason to change the colors. The only reason I can think of to spend the time re-coloring the whole movie would be if an HDR version was requested.

            Roger Deakins

              In the case of ‘The Company Men’, I would say the intended ‘look’ would have been between the two versions posted. The Blue Ray looks more natural but that may only be in comparison to the other, which looks lifeless. There may be a master of a film, whether from a DI or a tape transfer, but we all know every monitor is slightly different and every eye also.

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