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      I’d love to ask a question about the process and lighting for this scene in The Big Lebowski –

      Over in Perth, Western Australia, myself and others are members of the Professional Film Crew WA — a cohort of below-the-line members across all departments. We sometimes go to Universities and Colleges and showcase how crews work together and we’ve been asked to do a sim-trav demonstration for the students. We usually prefer to showcase well know works over our own since (surprisingly) more students watch US and UK productions than Australian ones. However we want to show that the process is usually the same.

      In looking at this scene, it very much feels like sim-trav, but I could be wrong and I was hoping you could help shine a light (pardon the pun) on the overall process used at the time.

      Thanking you in advance.

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      Roger Deakins

        Yes, the scene was shot on stage with a dollies tracking various lights that were snooted down and on dimmers.

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