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      Thanks to Roger and James for what you do here.

      In an age where knowledge has been monetized online, it is quite amazing that one can register for this site, login, and ask questions and learn from Sir Roger Deakins, free of charge. I, for one, am so grateful for this resource.

      I have been away working and have not been on the Forums for a long spell. Just wanted to say hello to all.

      Nice to be back. I’ve missed this place. And all of you.

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        This site is a treasure, Roger and James are rare gems.

        simon m

          Agreed. An invaluable gift from Team Deakins.

          Welcome back!

          Max A.

            Since I discovered this site, it is my best inspiration source every day. It gives me the strength to go ahead and follow my ambition and passion, especially in difficult moments.

            There are not enough words to thank Mr. Deakins and Mrs. James, for everything they did and do for the cinematography and cinematographers.
            I always loved to share and for this purpose, I love their attitude, Learning is one of the best parts of life, and even if (like me) there was not the possibility to go on film school, resources like this give us the ability to learn from a master and improve ourself.

            Just two words from a simple guy: Thank you.


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