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    Tyler F

      New forum looks great, thank you James, Roger and the team!

      In regards to lighting and testing in general, while you were coming up Roger, how often were you testing (lighting, camera, lenses, compositions, etc.) ? I’d imagine in pre-production you spent quite a bit of time finding what you liked/not liked.

      Was there an approach as-well or was it more intuitive than that, considering you spent the early part of your career in documentaries?

      Further, as filmmakers what amount of importance do you place on the role of testing?

      Thank you for your time!

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        Hi Tyler,

        One aspect of testing that is very important is that it is a “rehearsal” for the shoot. You get to meet the different departments and work together is a very non-stressful environment. And you meet the actors as well. This allows you to get past the awkwardness of not having met people before you have to work full speed with them. It really helps a lot.

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