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      After 18 years of managing Porsche and BMW shops I have gone back to being a working professional still photographer.  Yesterday I was covering a vintage baseball game for my local newspaper, and decided to do some features for myself.  I had in my mind I needed things to look vintage, but I wanted it to be optically done in camera.  I was really inspired by the mindset on The Assassination of Jesse James.   I pulled out my set of tilt shift lenses and kept working the subject matter.  I was also hoping to get an “action” shot that looked like it was done in the old times.  My 90mm tilt shift actually accepted the 1.4 extender I had which allowed for more distortion in the file, but also more reach.  Anyway hope people enjoy seeing what I worked up.                  

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      Roger Deakins



          Very interesting photos imo.

          Would be nice to know what camera and lens you used.  Nice work imo.



            Roger this site has been wonderful and has inspired me so much with my getting back to my roots, I can’t thank you enough for this resource and the work you have done.

            My love of films is what got me into photography.  When I was a kid I wanted to be to a comic book artist, at the age of ten I decided I couldn’t draw well enough (yeah I know ten years old) but I fell in love with movies.  I decided I wanted to be a filmmaker, I thought I would have to have photography to get into film school and I found my answer.  I work with the 2d still image of drawing but the tech and tools of the filmmaker.  My photography geared towards to sports as it was what I drew as a kid and the closest I could get to photographing the super heroes I used to draw.  I could share some sports photos if people were interested.  I worked for ten years as a sports and newspaper photographer.


            Anyway as to what  I used I’ll gladly share what I did.  I use the Canon EOS series.  I have my “secret” sauce camera an EOS 1ds mk 3, it came out in 2008, but the file is one of my favorite files from a digital camera.  It was when the camera makers still tried to make a “film” look to image quality and taste.  So I shot with that camera to begin with.  I used both my 45mm and 90mm canon tilt shift lenses.  I really wanted to get an action shot that looked like it was old time.  The 90mm was still a bit loose and then I realized how much room there was behind the rear element.   My canon extenders all stick out a little so I figured I would give it a try, it mounted the 1.4 extender up and gave me more reach for the action shot.  It also gave some chromatic aberration which I could even see in the view finder, but I didn’t mind that.   I like to use tilt shift lenses to draw the eye around.  Sometimes too I feel a tilt shift lens is the only way to make the feel of how we actually see.  Like this photo below I took in my favorite local cinema.  The effect is slight but there.   This shot however is with an EOS R and is an exposure composite and the 24mm tilt shift. 


              Nice shot of the cinema but it would have better if you Included the untouched photo so that we can compare the two.  That would make it more interesting.

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