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    Max A.

      Hello, Mr. Deakins and all the DP’s over this wonderful platform. I hope you and Ms. James are well and I can’t wait to see you in Bologna next Wednesday! I already bought train tickets (the best 4hrs of my life) and pulled out my copy of Byways. Unfortunately, I can’t stay on the 17th also because I have to work (so sad to not hear you live 😕 ).
      Ps. If someone here in the forum will be there in Bologna we can meet there, would be a great day!

      I would like to ask you if it is possible, a question about these three kinds of lighting in the bathrooms, maybe two of those are discussed before in the old forum but I can’t search anymore:

      In this shot of ‘Sicario’ seems to me that light comes from outside the shower at quite a high angle. It was a lamp bounced into the ceiling or into some bounce material? The spread of the light seems quite wide so maybe there weren’t flags to cut the spread? I love the softness of that light but also the underexposure on Emily’s face, so real and organic.

      In the second shot of ‘NCFOM’ the light seems to me more projected, focused, and controlled off the walls (that are darker than the subject but are also so close to ‘Anton’). Is that a ring overhead light, or the subject was lit from the “real” window that appears in other shots – Maybe with a narrow angle of the lamps outside (or maybe both)?
      It seems to me (especially in the close shot) that there is also some fluorescent light overhead that “fills” shadows a bit, but maybe I’m wrong.


      The last shot is from your last masterpiece, I don’t attach the image because I don’t know if I can (but is a frame that I saw in the trailer) and I don’t know if you can talk about the lighting of that shot. If not I understand of course and waiting for the release to ask for some detail.
      here is the link to the trailer where I see the shot in the shower:

      As usual, I want to thank you so much for your time and your availability.
      Can’t wait to see you!

      I wish you a peaceful day.

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