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      Hi Mr. Deakins,

      I saw a BTS of 1917 that you shot a sequence in a cloudy day while in the real film it looks like blue hour.

      I wonder if there is a lot involved in the post or is it just simply some exposure and color temperature settings on set.

      I’m shooting a similar situation recently. It will be great if you could give me more suggestions on this!

      Thank you!

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        Roger Deakins

          We shot most of the film under cloud cover but you have it wrong regarding this sequence. This was shot at magic hour as I needed not only the feeling of first light but I was balancing to the firelight sources. To have tried that balance during the day would not have worked. The particular shot pictured was rehearsed extensively during the day and that is no doubt where the lower image comes from.

          When Scofield is in the river we did shoot that during the day and I remember the day distinctly, constantly studying the Dark Skies App and our long wait for the cloud cover it promised to arrive.

          I should add that this was a shot that required very little adjustment in the DI. In fact, there were very few shots in the film that needed much adjustment in the DI.

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            Thank you for the reply!

            If it were not for the fire balancing, do you think the shot is doable during the day time(with DI)?

            I watched the river part again. The night-to-day transition was done when there is no sky involved(in the beginning part). Do you think the sky is crucial for the “magic ” of magic hour?

            rama lingam

              How do you get contrast image when you shot under the cloudy day. How do you give the exposure for cloudy situation. If you were shot human faces under the full cloudy weather what precautions would you do first of all? People’s use negative fill and some people’s use very soft light.

              Roger Deakins

                The river work was done during the day but with quite dense cloud cover. In that we were lucky as we had one day to shoot and it only clouded up at mid afternoon. If I had thought we could have shot the rest of the transitions between night and dawn during full daylight I would have done that. Trying to shoot complex shots in a window of about 30 minutes is quite stressful.

                Yes, there are certainly many things you can achieve in the DI and using effects but, personally, I prefer reality.

                Maintaining contrast on a cloudy day? If you want more contrast then, yes, use negative fill or a lamp. But there is no rule and you have to make that judgement from script to script and shot to shot.

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