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      Hi All,

      I’m here to ask you all what you think of the Relight effect in DaVinci Resolve. For those of you that haven’t heard of it, it’s a tool that can be used to artificially relight a scene in Da Vinci Resolve.

      I’ve used it slightly and don’t fully trust it, I believe it gives images an unreal, and less natural feeling. It seems to me that it’s a tool for fixing mistakes, rather than creating the light through that effect in post production. One might as well spend the time creating the look on set if possible, or at least that’s my belief.

      Anyway, I’d love to hear from everyone who’s had experience with this tool, and in particular Roger and David’s, if you would consider using this in the near future for upcoming projects.

      Thank you all for your time!

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        In my opinion it can only increase or decrease light that’s already there and only works when used very subtly and if the scene/camera movement allows for it. Personally I’d rather not use it ever.


          I think it has its valid uses and advantages, but overall can be a dangerous tool. Especially in the hands of a non-DP pretending to be a DP.

          Looking into it, I also find that a lot of the DaVinci tutorials and reviews online, while very helpful for beginners, tend to be a little deceptive (I assume unintentionally). Many of the tutorials for tools like “Relight” are often times performed on stills or a single frame where they can push the limits of the effect, without showing you how it looks on the rest of the clip. Its only when you play the entire clip that you see the effect quickly breakdown with noticeable noise, artifacts, wonky tracking, etc.


            Thank you both for your answers! I haven’t thought about the idea of applying the effect to moving shots, thank you both for brining that up.

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