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    Jason Ryan

      I heard about the ASC Vision Mentorship at the ASC panel during CineGear 2023. I checked it out and since I was eligible, I spent a significant amount of time applying to it. I was not accepted to the program.

      Has anyone here been accepted into the ASC Vision Mentorship program?  Do you have any insight as to how to better position myself to get accepted into the program? I know Roger was rejected from his first application to film school and an instructor told him to apply the next year and he would surely be accepted. That’s what he did and it worked. Might the Vision Mentorship program work the same way?

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      Sean Buffini

        The ASC Mentorship Program requires a sizzle reel and a narrated breakdown of your past work. Your acceptance into the program relies almost entirely on this material. Maybe if you share a link to the material you submitted we would be able to give you some constructive feedback. You can also search “ASC Mentorship Program” on Vimeo or YouTube to get a sense of what other people have submitted.

        Also, remember that your rejection from the program isn’t a reflection on you or your work. Everyone I know or admire has experienced rejection at some point or another.
        Truthfully, your journey to improve your craft for next year’s application will likely yield more learning than the Mentorship program itself.

        If it’s something you really want to do, be proactive in learning and getting better and you’ll make the cut on another round.

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