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      A fanedit of No Country For Old Men appeared on the internet.

      It’s 4K upscale of the Blu-Ray but they also regraded the image.

      In the notes they say:
      the light green teal is gone, but a light yellow-red teal was added (which is is intentional) to give the whole thing a western touch. I found the shadows on the Blu-ray too too strong, especially in night scenes they lost a lot of details.

      A comparison can be found here:

      I’m curious if that fan edit is actually closer to the intended look than the retail release.

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      Roger Deakins

        Why the —- does anyone think they can regrade the film and make it look ‘better’? Sometimes a digital copy does not translate as well as it should but does that make it right to re time it? Add a yellow red teal? What is that?


          One of the most powerful and greatest film in film history done without any piece of music. People who do not understand or respect film history must be the ones thinking of things like this.

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