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      Hello Roger, hope your doing good!

      I have few of questions regarding the plane scene of Unbroken.

      According to your first lighting diagram, the space lights were gelled with 1/2 BWE and 251. Do you remember if you did gel them at the end? If yes, why did you gel the top lights but not blondies and the redheads? Do you remember if you did set the camera to 3200k?

      This one below is another image which I can’t fully understand. Let’s say the camera was rated 3200k, the blondies and the redhead had no gels and the top lights was with 1/2 CTB, did you bounce something with a temperature around 4300K in order to get this natural colder feeling?


      Thank you!




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      Roger Deakins

        Yes, the Spacelights were gelled with a 1/2 blue and some of the Blondes carried a 1/4 blue. Given the diffusion warmed the light the resulting color was just a little cool, which made sense to me as the camera was set at 3,200K. The lower 2K lamps were a mixture of 1/4 blue and clean. I’m not sure why you are confused about the shot you post as this would have been lit by the pattern of Blondes projected through the diffusion.

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