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    rama lingam

      Dear master Roger I know you are not a great fan of a muti camera coverage. You never shot A camera and and B camera coverage style. But what is the reason you don’t like to shoot multi-camera set up. Except right sequences.  I would like to ask you what’s the disadvantages shooting in multi-camera. How much perspective consistency will changed. A same scene cover one shot on 47mm and another range shot on 75mm. I think I missed your interview. I remember you talked about focal length consistency.

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        The more cameras you introduce, the more compromises you make.

        Generally, you add more cameras when you can’t retake or want to save time.

        For example, on Top Gear, we use 7 ENG cams in the studio, as it’s a presenter-led show based on actuality.



        Roger Deakins

          i have used double cameras on simple conversations when it is unscripted and I’ve used more than that on numerous scenes when it would be expensive to do a second take. So, I am not against multi camera just don’t think it helps for every scene.

          rama lingam

            What about you talked in podcast about focal length consistency for viewers. For instances one shot use 32mm, and one shot use 75mm or zoom lenses!

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