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    rama lingam

      Dear master Roger once you said there is  style before content. But now a days people’s using moon light without considering context. Not all kind of story need moon light source. Particularly what is your thinking about peacock blue moon light. They are thinking it’s gives modern style. But it doesn’t make sense. It’s distract the story. Some movie makes sense when they use artificial peacock blue moon source. For instance “nightmare alley”. How do you choose moon light. When should avoid moon light sources?

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      Roger Deakins

        There are no rules. When do you think it distracts? You c]an see from my work when I have used a ‘blue moonlight’ and where I have avoided it. Its about personal taste.

        rama lingam

          Good Questions. When i do think it’s distracted. Realism based context don’t work with moon light. For me peacock blue moon light don’t work all context. Because that particular color don’t fit for village life style contexts. Yeah you never used moon light in ‘prisoners’. I love your perfect reasons. In India every cinematographers using peacocks moon light for all kinds of genres. For me Peacock blue seems very eye candy color How this become for personal tastes?. Could you mentions couple of movies without using moon light. Need to study which movies works well without moon light and wich works better with moon lights.


            Moonlight is sometimes a realistic source – I shot this still photo in the desert under real moonlight.

            rama lingam

              Master David i saw this still photo already somewhere in this site. I was thinking it’s day for night work. It’s really looks nice. What camera and ISO you used? But now a days young film makers using very artificial color moon light. It’s not look like blue. Well you know very well couple of films like that.

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