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      Hello Mr. Deakins,

      Do you usually shoot in REC709 on set and color later or do you usually have a custom LUT beforehand to look at for each project. If you use a custom LUT, would you have multiple say for interior/exterior? And how do you go about testing a custom LUT beforehand in pre-production?

      Thank you

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        I would note that there is a big difference between applying a print LUT in post to shooting through a print LUT on set as Roger and many other cinematographers do.

        Very true. In Resolve you can export a monitor LUT that I then use in camera. It still can work without exposing for it but will not yield best results.

        I don’t think the contrast of the LUT has too much bearing on what camera is used.

        It does if e.g. shooting natural light and compare it to what it “should” look like. But it’s negligible.


          The primary purpose of the 2383 print emulation LUT isn’t to create a film look, it’s to work within a color space/gamut that works for both a DCP and a film-out so the movie would look the same in both versions. It’s less of an issue today with so few film-outs being done.

          A 2383 print emulation is a very different look to for example arri’s rec709 LUT. A 2383 print film look is synonymous with the look of projected film, hence for example Steve Yedlin went to great lengths to model it for his Alexa film emulation which he has used on all his recent digitally shot films and is loaded into his camera via a LUT he built. Steve describes his 2383 model as the ‘target look’, and what represents ‘film’ most to him and much more so than camera negative.  There are also many other cinematographers who use a film model in camera via a LUT that includes a 2383 print film model. The effect of a 2383 model upon colour characteristics and contrast is significant. These characteristics are the reason why Fotokem offer a scan back service printing digital files to 2383 and scanning it back – specifically for the aesthetically pleasing attributes that the film print imparts.

          I don’t think you can separate a 2383 print emulation from the ‘look’ of film. Granted it is just one film look but a significant one none the less. Rogers LUT incorporates a 2383 model as JZ describes. If you were to switch out this log to display part of the LUT for arri’s log to display 709 LUT there would be big differences, and not very pleasant ones.

        Viewing 2 replies - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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