Lighting for mood and evoking an emotion.

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      Hi All, I would like to understand how to light a scene for mood and emotion. Could you recommend a few resources for learning this? Where does one start?

      Thank you!



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        As always, my little experience makes my opinion of limited help, but I’d suggest to start from analyzing the movies you like, according to what mood and emotions you want to convey. Joy? Fear? Hope? Sensuality? Find great examples of these moods and try to understand why they worked in terms of types of lights, palettes of the images (for example, cold colors usually give a sad emotion, so i expect to see colder palettes in horror movies than in comedies) , types of shot, how music is used to create emotions, etc etc.


          Thanks @LucaM . That helps!

          Roger Deakins

            I think you have to get in touch with your own emotions. Get a lamp and play with light, or go out and take some stills. What affects you?


              Thank you very much @Roger Deakins !

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