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      Hi! I’m pitching for new TV series, to direct, a psychological thriller with horror elements where one of the main settings is a house at night. They liked my moodboard, dark and moody,  in the first pitch meeting but the producer has two concerns, that are somehow conflicting (not surprisingly!) How to make the darkness visible for the small screen/TV and how to how to shoot it from a practical POV as it will be a tight schedule. We’d all want it to have a cinematic quality,  with atmospheric wide shots, and alluring/bold close ups. I’m thinking about working with costume and art to bring in light elements, and work with practical lights and light sources from moon/ street lights, to create contrasts rather than just darkness. We’ll shoot the house own location, but treat it as a stage, so probably black it out and light all the interior shots/scenes,  but for the ones where we’ll see the outside.

      I would be grateful for any good advice and tips!

      Best regards, Camilla

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        I would trust your DP on this.
        As I understand you are the Director/Writer right?

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