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      I’m planning on making a short film soon and having no lighting team or budget, I was going to use my house to film everything. One scene requires the drawing room where I hope to use the ceiling lights as my main source. However, due to how harsh they can be, I want to try and get it to illuminate a softer color. I was wondering how I could do that.

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        You have not said what type of lights you have.  You could change the light bulbs, you can even buy coloured ones these days but to start you off try using defusers and large reflectors. Perhaps gold reflectors to soften the light. You need to do a lot experimentation to get it right but you will be pleased with the results. Also try using LED flashlights with coloured filters to make it look interesting. There are many things you can do but you must experiment first. Wish you luck.

        Andrew C

          Maybe you can use black garbage bags to control the sources more, if they are out of frame. 5-1 reflectors are pretty inexpensive, or you can get unbleached muslin from a fabric store, or use a shower curtain for diffusion.


            You can also try to use table lamps or floor lamps if you have to supplement your ceiling light to give more accent. Or you may also timing your filming during daytime as the sunlight is more soft and the light diffuses when it enters a room.

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