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    Sean Buffini

      A question for Roger (or anyone else with an opinion on the matter).

      Your last two films, Empire of Light and 1917 were both shot in large format.

      It is my understanding that you chose to shoot 1917 in large format partially because Director Sam Mendes expressed interest in filming in a higher resolution than what the Super 35 Arri Alexas could offer, but also because you were inspired by the photography of the First World War which utilized large film formats.

      My question is, what was your reasoning to also film Empire of Light in large format? Was it purely a continued response to Sam Mendes’ request for a higher resolution image or did you have another motivation for the decision to keep with large format?

      Also, after shooting your last two films in large format, do you think large format has become your modus operandi? Do you see yourself returning to Super 35 without needing an explicit reason to do so?

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      Roger Deakins

        We shot ‘Empire’ with the LF simply because we liked the results from the camera on ‘1917’. I don’t know what the future will hold! Every film and every director takes a cinematographer down a  new road.  That’s what makes it interesting.

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