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      Hello Roger and everyone,

      I would like to show you a project I finished a while ago and take your comments on it.

      I shot, edited and lit this by myself so I’m sure there are a lot of short comings but I’m happy to have finished it close to how I originally imagined it.

      Thank you!

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      James Parsons

        Not Roger, but I liked it very much. If I were to offer a first impression suggestion, I missed a rim light to separate your subject’s dark hair from the background and more define her shape in that space.


          Thank you James and I’m glad you liked it.

          I indeed missed that light as I intended to have this effect using a reflector which is WRONG in every which way haha.


            I don’t think it’s wrong, just too weak maybe.

            If you had used a rim light, it would have separated the subject – but then it also would have looked exactly the same as thousands of other music videos shot against black. So there’s really no right or wrong.


              Well, I actually had an idea of blending her with the blackness as if it’s a drop of ink that appears from black, however, at the shooting day the performer had some reservations about her not being completely lit so I had to balance out showing her moves as she wants, hence, the reflector, but also having moments were my ‘ink drop from black’ shows on screen. That is why I was adamant about using one light on this one so I wouldn’t really have the option to do conventional lighting and keep it interesting to myself somehow.

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