How to make a small and confined space appear more spacious.

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      the room to be flim

      This is a room for medical experiments. I’ll shoot all the equipment and the whloe room.The whole place is a little bit mess and narrow,so I wonder how I can make the room in  my flim feel large and some technology style.In composition,lighting or camera motion.
      btw I’ll have some RGB tubes to make some blue light,a 1.8 HMI with some 1/4 CTB,two 300w LED etc.
      Thanks for suggestions.

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        Depending on the action of the scene and what’s appropriate for the story, you could consider things like wide-angle focal lengths, compositions with the camera at a very high or very low angle, multiple planes of action, shallow depth of field, dressing the set so that it’s uncluttered and has a vanishing point as far away as possible, etc.

        You could also go in the opposite direction and use longer focal lengths with the camera far away from the subject, and do things like crowd the frame to suggest a larger space out of the periphery of the shot.

        If it’s viable you could also black out some of the set to suggest a larger space that disappears into shadow, or have a lot of separation of planes with lighting instead of depth of field. Haze & smoke would also add depth.


          Thank you sir! That’s helpful and open my mind, you must be experienced.

          I did considered some longer focal lengths to create the depth of frame, but not as considered as you are.And the idea “suggest a larger space” have inspire me a lot.

          Anyways, really appreciate for your suggestions!

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