Happy Birthday, Roger!

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      Dear Roger,

      Thank you for all the time and thought you devote into helping all of us achieve our dreams. As a City fan, I hope we win the FA cup this season but maybe i’ll wish for a uh… nice goal kick for United tomorrow. Have a great day!


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        Happy birthday Roger!

        I join Shea in thanking you for all the time you dedicate to explain and teach even the simplest things. As a school teacher I know that the majority of the time the questions are a bit stupid but still the answers are  important for people looking for them.

        By the way, I was curious about Shea’s post, I didn’t  know you follow football and support United. It’s   funny to know that even world renowed artists have some “common man” passion, ah ah.

        Max A.

          Happy Birthday Mr. Deakins! I wish you all the best this world can give you! ❤
          Your talent and wisdom are pure gold for us.
          Thank you for your infinite patience in answering my long questions 😁.

          I wish you a wonderful day.

          Ava Leigh

            Happy Birthday, Sir Roger!!!!!

            Steven Li

              Happy Birthday Mr. Deakins!

              It is the pleasure of this world to witness your art!

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