Greig Fraser – THE BATMAN Part 1 – Aug 16, 2023

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      Hello everyone,

      Earlier this year, we live-streamed a conversation between Roger and James and cinematographer Greig Fraser covering his work on THE BATMAN. Today, we released the first half of that conversation as an episode of the podcast.

      After listening, please feel free to discuss with each other below!

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        I know Roger and James like the cinematography of ‘The Batman’ but to me it left a strange taste when I left the cinema. It was visually stunning but also felt off and artificial. Later I learned that much was shot in The Volume, which explained the fake, video game-ish feeling it gave me. Combined with the many plot holes everyone was seemingly happy to ignore, it left me with a shallow impression.

        But that’s just me and my growing dislike for anything fake in this growingly fake world; The cinematography is excellent and the vast majority likes it very much.

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