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      Hi Roger,

      I’ve always heard from cinematographers talking about how they framing their films with what aspect ratio like 2.39:1, and there is still a Imax 1.9: 1.

      If I could see some movie in Imax and normal version (normally 2 different tickets price), does that mean the DP framing for different aspect ratio on set? Or the Imax is just cropped from the original?


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        If the camera is recording something like Arriraw Open Gate at a 1.55 : 1 aspect ratio using spherical lenses, then both the 2.39 theatrical and 1.90 IMAX versions are cropped from that larger area. Technically then the 1.90 IMAX version is “opened up”, not cropped in, compared to the 2.39 version.

        Generally you frame for one aspect ratio on set — usually the one most people are going to see — and “protect” the area outside of that as best you can for reframing for the other aspect ratio.


          Thank you so much, David.

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